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Mesa CRJ700&CRJ900?

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I don't think anyone knows who is going to fly the 700/900's.
Right now it looks like Freedom Air is going to get these because of the scope limit at Usairways which says that no carrier that operates under U can fly a greater than 50 seat jet AYWHERE. That means that even though Mesa would fly them under america West colors they can't fly them on the Mesa certificate. The union also wants seperate types and pay scales for the a/c while America West wants a common type and pay scale. First delivery is in a couple of months so training needs to be started. Just part of the whole mess at Mesa Air Group right now.
Please keep us advised on Mesa's scope difficulties.

Once US mainline negotiates the operation of RJ's ALPA will probably try to fit that model at other carriers.

Pattern bargaining you know....
at this time it in unclear if MESA/airmidwest/CCAir piots will fly these aircraft.Freedom Air may be a nonunion carrier. Ornstein would like to have mesa pilots jump ship and dump the union in exchange for these shiny new 68-87 seaters. First delivery in may.
Can someone explane who Freedom Air is, and it's relationship with Mesa and US Air? What is the rationale for the new carrier being non union?
Freedom air is the new alter ego certificate that was created by the CEO of MESA, Jonny Ornstein. It was created to get around the scope language with usairways, which states no code share carier may operate aircraft certified with more than 68 seats. That part i understand. the flip side is Ornstein wants it to be a nonunion carrier, for obvious advantages. Lower payscales, no grievances, seat locks, getting fired for not answering your phone on your day off, etc. god help us

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