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Mesa Airlines

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
was wondering if someone can give me the load down on mesa out of phoenix. on there web site they say there still hiring, and the mins are 1000 and 100 hours of multi. if anyone from there can give me some insight i would appreciate it. also would like any info on the company itself, reserve time? plane most likely to be assigned? bases, is it just phoenix sky harbor? pay? etc. thanks for any information.
They are not hiring. They have over 300 on furlough last I checked. They fly out of CLT, PHL, Washington, Grand Junction CO., and PHX and a bunch of small cities, in ERJ's, CRJ's, Dash 8's and Beech 1900's. 1st yr. Fo pay in around $19 hr. reserve is depending on your plane.
I hope this helps a little.
considering that they just furloughed 317 pilots, not sure why their website doesn't reflect that

that's the only 'LOW DOWN' I've got

blue skies
317 on furlough, slowly starting up ERJ classes for those waiting for class dates (not furloughed, nor new hires). Jet bases are PHX, CLT, DCA, BHM and possibly PIT. DHC Bases are GJT and PHX. 1900 Bases are around 40 or so like PHL, ITH, GON, RDG, PIT, DJU, CKB, PKB, SHD, LIT, APF, TPA, PFN, PBI, EYW, MSY, PHX, ROW, HOB, MCI, ICT, MBS, ABQ, FHU, and some 10 or so more. Some bases have closed, and I may of listed 1-2 of them.

When they WERE hiring 1000 and 100 could get an interview, aircraft was depending on need, if you were close to 1500 and 300 they would "suggest" 1900 as upgrade was based on time and not senority (3 months was possibly). ERJ was the next they placed followed by DHC then a rare CRJ.

Pay is $19.15 in the 1900, Jets and DHC was 21 and change.

Reserve depended on equipment, 1900 was maybe a month, DHC was 3-4 months and the RJ's depended on base as well but 3-6 was normal.

Contract expires this year, company is both good and bad depending on who you talk to... Work rules could be alot better as well as the $1.00 per diem... Considering that about 1 year ago Mesa was one of the lowest paid regionals, now they are simply industry average.

They have a ton of jet's on order, but code share with two of the weakest companies (Airways and America West), as well as some stronger companies like Midwest Express and now Frontier as well as thier own colors (Mesa). They own Air Midwest (1900's) and CCAir (no flowthrough (dash 8's) though) and some maintenence companies as well.

A fairly junior company as most of the 1300 pilots (60%) were less than 2 years with the company.

Hope that helps...
PS, I heard that PHX was a VERY senior base. Takes four or five years to get there, and then you have a rotten schedule because you will be junior forever. I'm from PHX, and I wouldn't get a job there just to live in town, unless it's with Southwest.
PHX is senior, but it depends on which equiment you are talking about...

CRJ? probably close to 4 years to hold a decent line, CRJ captain in PHX, not unless you have a good 6 years plus. CRJ FO, I think the least amount of time was like 2 years.

Dash is less, and 1900 is even less... 1900 can be as short as 6 months, but I think they only have 2 hard lines and the rest are reserve. Dash, I think I did see some people getting PHX right out of training, again reserve in PHX is probably a good 6-9 months plus.

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