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MESA accepts LOA 81?

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Well-known member
May 2, 2002
I just got off the phone with my Air Inc. counselor who read me a news update stating that MESA/CCAirhas accepted the terms of LOA 81 and plans to implement immediately... (from May 6)

Anyone out there that can confirm or deny?
he is wrong, mesa has not signed LOA 81. but that sombitch ornstein is in bed with david segal, so who knows whats next.
What bugs me the most is that there will never be a shortage of pilots to fill the openings at these carriers. JO will continue his tactics until the day comes that nobody accepts an interview or even sends in a resume. We all know that will never happen. We (121 pilots) need to come up with a way of educating the wannabe 121 pilots about some of the games being played by pitting carriers against each other. That needs to start with the national level leadership of our unions. And we all know that won't happen either. Hopefully we can pull out before we hit the ground.
Some smoking holes or full stall landings may get the goverment intervention needed, unfortunately.

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