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Merry Christmas

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Please keep our fighting men and women in your heart through prayer tonight and Christmas day. Keep our Country in prayer these next few days also. The enemy will no doubt try something to cause problems, somewhere, due to our celebration of the Christ Child.
As the Father of light gave the gift of life to all mankind by His love. We need to enjoy and love those we have close to us on Christmas. Love and fellowship with family and friends is what Christmas is all about. It's become to much of a hastle with it's PC'ness and commercialization. So love them kid's and the old ones. They could be gone tomorrow.
Merry Christmas everybody.
Rocketman! upon reading your post! Yes, merry 'christmas, thanks to our soldiers around the world, male and female! And about baby jesus, he was born in a barn( for country folK) or manger! HIS story is still carrying with us for years! Jesus is the reason for our good time and celebration, hard to believe one man 2000 years ago plus would bring such great singing, on the tv, or radio and the chance to meet so many!

I love Jesus with all my heart, he is the man, a man, who showed us so much, provides, comfort, glory, understanding, grace and honor, to everyone around the world. I am the daughter of an immigrant, a sad story for my dad who got shot, many times and wounded trying to escape Hungary, persecution and everything! Merry christmas, i had to sign off, because of the wounds, with my family!

Merry Christmas to all.
Merry Politically Correct Holiday ;)

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