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Merry Christmas

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Merry Christmas to all. I want to thank everyone here for the years of Aviaiton interaction. I am still living the dream of a five-year-old who wanted to be a pilot. I remember the days sitting in the Howard Johnson’s in Belleville, MI in the mid 60’s. It was a restaurant near KYIP; I listened to the Zantop pilots talking about their adventures flying the C-46 all over North America. Tales of run away Curtis Electric Props, followed by "I wouldn’t give you a plug nickel for a Curtis Electric prop, they should put Ham Stans on every bird". Stories of Turkeys being ejected all over northern Ohio due to icing conditions, and stories about guys who had bought the farm. Talk about the DC-6’s coming in pretty soon, now there was a real airplane, it had 2800's and Ham Stans, a lot better bird than the 7 with those dam 3350’s. I wanted to be in that group of people who were pilots and just talked about airplanes and flying. In a way FI has been that group of pilots at Howard Johnson’s. The exchanges on FI are different, but in many ways no different than the guys’ who couldn’t wait for the 6’s and the guy who thought anyone who liked the Curtis Electric was a friggin idiot. Here is raising a glass of cheer to many more years of aviation exchanges. I am still living the dream; maybe being at an on-demand at KYIP was my destiny 45 years ago.
Christmas 2009


Thank you for all your contributions to our industry. Thank you for your insight ... albeit somewhat mioptic at times ... thank you for your history.

Thank you for taking me and Nate through the B-17 during Super Bowl 2006 and thank you for what you will do for our industry in the future.

Merry Christmas,

Flying self-loading cargo these days, but always be a freight dog at heart. Auckland, New Zealand this Christmas, a long ways from home. Merry Christmas to all freight dogs.
Merry Christmas to you.
I have enjoyed reading your insight on this board over the years and have looked forward to it. You have taken some bashing too. You have stood the test of time and lived your dream. Best wishes for the new year.
Great post, it is really a very good thing that all of us here have folks on FI willing to share the way things used to be... it is good to see where we came from and where we are now to keep things in prospective and to guide us into the future....

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