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Meridian Air Charter (Gotham) out of TEB

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Well-known member
Feb 25, 2006
I hear these guys every time I fly into the NYC area. Anyone know much about this charter operation out of TEB? Good place to be? I checked out their website and they have some pretty nice airplanes (i.e., Hawkers, XLS, Falcons, Gulfstreams, Globals).

Anyone know much about QOL (schedule) and salary ranges? Do they hire much? Do you need to be typed to be considered? Any updates about the operation?

Appreciate any insight. PMs also welcome.
Most of the aircraft are managed. In other words, they have their own dedicated crews. They do have some "pool" pilots but it appears that they are moving away from that model.
The reality of today's job market is that if you're not typed, don't waste the paper on a resume. Typically they will promote from within, eg. XLS upgrades to Hawker which upgrades to the G-IV.
QOL varies form aircraft to aircraft depending on each planes crew compliment.
Can't speak to salaries but suffice it to say that the downturning economy has affected everyone.

I have a friend who is a Capt. on a managed 601 there. When he was hired back in the summer of 08, the airplane was on with Sentient (Sp). He was hired directly as a Capt. without a type. He started at $95k. It's a three pilot operation and there are hard days off. He doesn't seam to work much.
I was offered a job there once on the C560, but I turned it down because of their medical which sucked at the time. Don't know now. Hard days off I think is only 6 a month. You only get $20 reimbursement for cell phone and they provide uniforms (shirts, epaulets, ties) No per-diem if the trip is out and back. 24hr on call when you are on duty. They did type you at the time, but now in this jobless market, they probably won’t, and that is IF they are hiring.
They let go a couple people during spring time to reduce cost of operation, but I just don’t know if they were office personnel or pilots. My very good friend is the ramp supervisor there for the past 13 years.

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