merged lists....NOT!


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Nov 26, 2001
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Every time I read a post about the rjdc, someone says that merged lists will never happen, or that Delta doesnt' want it, or some other reason that it will never happen. To this I say, good. I came to work for Comair hoping someday to move on to something better, and I still may, but I also went to work for a company that has never furloughed a pilot. I may decide to stay here, and if my union and my parent company starts to treat us as equals to other airline pilots, then I may just remain here.

I keep hearing people talking about a staple on, but with DOH furlough protection. Well, that would be nice for them, but what about us junior people who may be looking for new jobs? I joined an airline with the highest profit margin of any airline in the world, and figured it was a good bet. Now, no airline is furlough proof, but some are pretty close, Southwest being one example.

So, it will probably make some Delta pilots very happy to see me say that I didn't want onelist. Now, when we petitioned ALPA with the PID, then I was for it, but that was a different time. They had their chance and turned it down, which was their choice. Now they seem to want the same deal they would have gotten then, and I say that I'm against that.

All we want is for ALPA to treat all of it's members the same, and that is what the lawsuit is all about. I'm just a bit suprised that all of the small aircraft pilots are not helping out with this, but now I know why. Good luck to all, and thanks for reading.