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Dec 2, 2001
Does any one know any info about the Menards flight department? I am aware they have some sort of corp. shuttle operation and would like to find out where to send a resume.

I know a guy that used to fly for them. At that time they had a Cheyenne, Citation V, X, and several BE1900s that were used for corporate shuttle work. At that time, all flying with exception to the X was single pilot (don't know if they still do that or not). A passenger occupied the right seat on full flights. Early morning departures on the shuttles, early evenings back home.

Their flight department is based in Eau Claire WI. I would bet they have a website with an address to send a resume.

Happy hunting.


I worked at Heartland Aviation in EAU in 1996 and Menards shared the same building we did. Back then the 1900 were not flown single pilot. They fly basically Monday through Friday as a shuttle service. Back then it was a back stabbing operation with employee's ratting out people for minor mistakes, to get personal gain and promotions. One passenger told the owner that a certain CheyenneIII captain closed the door a little bit too hard and may be rough on the equipment. That was then I don't know about now, however I believe Jeff Husby is the person you need to see your resume. He is also a pilot, I'm not sure if he's the CP or not. Good Luck
I work for Menards. The previous replys may be what it was like a long time ago. It is a corporate shuttle 7 days a week out of Eau Claire. There is a lot of flying about 700 hours a year or so. Early departures and days are usually about 14-15 hours. Summers are not so bad but winters you will fly 10 legs aday is not uncommon. Work 3 days a week. We operate 3 1900 D models, 2 Bravos and a X. I have been a first Officer for about a year and I have no idea when upgrade is. They do not hire Captains off the street unless there is no first Officers qualified at the time. We are not hiring at the time but that doesn't mean that we won't tommorow. We fun a very tight schedule where if a trips are added more pilots are needed. There has been talk of a new airplane but that has been since I started. A stable and growing company.

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