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Menards position

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Feb 28, 2003
Can anyone give me an idea of the Menards operation out of Eau Claire? I did a search on the forum and found that the most recent info is from 2006.
My wife is applying for a flight attendant position there and we are wondering if it would be a job worth having. Also wondering what equipment they have that would need a flight attendant.
Info on work schedules and pay would be a great help.

I recall seeing a Menards 1900 I believe flying in and out of DPA and I think Gary. From I was told was it moves company employees around, but this could be completely rumor. So take it with a grain of salt.
I know they do a lot of 1900 flying, but I wouldn't think they have flight attendant positions on it.
Menard's has the following aircraft registered:

(3) Raytheon 1900D
(4) Cessna 550
(1) Cessna 750
(1) Embraer 120-ER

Can't speak at all for their trips, pay, bennies, QOL, etc but they have always been a pleasure to do business with as a consumer.
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They move people around as needed...even cashiers if a store is in a pinch from what I've been told by one of their pilots.
Here are their tail numbers if you want to look up the trips on flight aware:

550: N573M, N574M, N575M, N579M
1900: N534M, N535M, N536M,
750: N585M
E120: N597M

Not sure of the pay/qol etc. but most pilots I talk to seem to be pretty happy.
Unless things have changed since I left EAU, except for the CE-750, the trips are almost exclusively out and backs, weekends off. Sleep in your own bed every night.

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