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Memphis Jobs

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Takin' it like a man
Dec 12, 2001
I am a flight instructor about to move to memphis. I am at 1160 total 110 multi. I have a CFI and would not be above flight instructing again. I will be at the magical 135 mins in the next few weeks. I was wondering if any of you have knowledge about flight schools, traffic watch, or charter ops down that way. Please help.

There are a couple of flight schools in the area. Douglas Aviation is the largest, at Olive Branch, MS (a suburb). Big problem is they have a small army of instructors. I don't even part-time there much anymore for this reason.

Charter jobs are about impossible to get, even with connections. Same with corporate jobs.

Bottom line: too many pilots in the area, lots of airline guys on furlough to fill the positions.

Sorry--wish I had better news. Glad I decided to stay corporate last summer!!
Air Venture is also located in olv; it is a club that does instructing. Memphis also has two other small airports in the area; one in millington and one downtown.
There's a small company there with some radical ideas. The owner wants to start some overnight package delivery. I think the name of the company is FedEx. Don't plan on it lasting long though :)

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