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MEII question

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001
Can a pilot receive his/her MEII without taking a checkride? I was a training captain for a freight carrier. I instructed other pilots with the intent that they would pass their PIC or SIC part 135 checkride. We were using piston and turbine twin engine aircraft and some required further instruction on flying the guages(As did I when I started my first "real weather" flying position). However, I do not hold an MEII. A penny for your thoughts. Thanks.
I was a training Capt in a 121 operation (B75/76/A300). I got an MEI add-on to my CFII ticket. I was required to receive 3 hrs prep in a Seneca and then a practical MEI ride with a DE in order to obtain it.

So, to answer your question...I'm pretty sure you'll need to take the MEI checkride with the Feds or a DE. The caveat to my situation was that my CFII had expired about 14 yrs ago so I needed the reinstatement checkride anyway.
CFI-ME certification

Yes, you have to take a practical test to obtain a CFI certificate.

In your case, you could take your initial certification in a twin. Your initial certification would be as a multiengine instructor. Your oral would include all the FOI material and everything else that is set forth in the PTS. Then, for the MEI, the examiner would test you on multiengine procedures and principles, e.g. Vmc, aircraft performance, and systems for the test airplane. The flight would basically be a Commercial Multiengine ride out of the right seat. Do all that, pass (of course!), and, voila, you are a Certificated Flight Instructor with a Multiengine rating.

You can obtain initial certification as an instrument instructor in a multi. It isn't unheard-of for people to combine the MEI and II rides in one practical. In fact, I believe that some schools who train people for their Commercial-Instrument-Multi do that. They finish them in the left seat and immediately put them in the right seat for their CFI-I-MEI. I believe that ATA and/or ATP do that.

Hope that helps.
to get the meii in addition to the mei checkride you must shoot a single engine approach and a two engine approach under the hood.
An ATP can instruct other pilots in air transport service under 121 or 135, but this does not grant the same lattitude given to the holder of a flight instructor certificate. It does not qualify you to obtain the certificate, either. You must still pass the practical test, including the knowledge exams ("written"), the oral, and the flight test.
My Flight instructor certificate reads:

Flight Instructor
Airplane single and multiengine instrument airplane

If you hold a CFI with Multi-engine and instrument privileges you may give instrument instruction in a Multiengine airplane. In other words if you hold an Instrument Instructor rating and a Multi instructor rating you may give multi- engine instrument instruction. There is no such thing as a MEII. The instrument instructor rating is category specific.

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