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Meet SFR Monday, IAH Crew Room 10am-Noon....

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Pilot Guy
Nov 25, 2001
I will be there and will set up a table, just to the right after the mailboxes.

I want to discuss the future with CAL and see how many people in the crew room at any given time hate working at CAL.

Check out my avatar, I am taking the backrub and meatstick all at the same time...is that a good pillowbite?
Since SFR is taking a meatstick, where do you think brownonthebone is?
by Double Shot, "Your a retard"
Maybe it is you!
Remember that you're is actually a combination of two words and thus fulfills two very important roles in a sentence or clause. Because it includes both a pronoun and a verb, you're will always be the subject and at least part of the verb of any clause in which it appears.
Try replacing “your” or “you’re” with “you are” if you are unsure which to use. If the sentence makes sense, use “you’re.” Remember that only “you’re” is a contraction, and it omits the letter “a.” The apostrophe in “you’re” signifies the omission of the letter “a.” If the sentence does not make sense, you will know to use “your.”

For example:
  • “You’re a good writer!” → “You are a good writer!”
    “You are” makes sense in this sentence, so you can use “you’re.”
  • ”I cannot read you're handwriting.” → "I cannot read you are handwriting."
    “You are” does not make sense in this sentence, so you should use “your.”
Try not to think that proper writing is strictly "academic". It makes you appear more intelligent.
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