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medical waiver

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New member
Jun 27, 2002
I am a military pilot on medication (timoptic) for high eye pressure. Is that a disqualification for a job with the majors? I realize now is not the best time to be looking for a flying job but I will not be eligible to get out until 2005.
First Class Medical

I'd say that if you are healthy enough to be on flying status as a military pilot, you're healthy enough for the majors. Moreover, your First Class Medical should tell the majors the story they need to hear.

www.leftseat.com is a decent and informative web page for FAA medicals.

Hope that helped a little.

flyc40, can't help you with your question as I am a 200 hour wana be but maybe you can answer mine. My vision is 20/150 correctable to 20/20. Is there ANY way I can fly in the military? The recruiters I have spoke with were not much help.

BTW What branch or the military are you in?

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