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Medical assistance

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I do deny them my essence
Mar 10, 2003
Anyone here use a service to aid in getting special issuance medical certificates? If so, which one and how was your experience with them?

I may be needing a special issuance in the near future and I would prefer to be without a medical for as short as possible. No medical, no paycheck :(

I thought about it, but just did it myself (cancer) with the help of a cooperative AME. Not that big a deal. A friend of mine who had a quadruple bypass used the same AME and has had a 1st class for a couple of years now.

Hope it works out for you!!
How long did the process take?

Good to hear that you are back to doing what you love after something like that.
It depends on what your medical problem is. You have to prove to the FAA that whatever grounded you is no longer an issue. It is easier to do that with some diseases than with others.

My physical was in Oct 2004 and I walked out with a medical. I got the FAA letter in June 2005 (along with the FAA medical) telling me that I don't qualify to fly, BUT they will grant a special issuance as long as nothing changes and it is only good for 1 year (starting in Oct 2004).

The first medical that I got after being grounded was issued by the AME after he called OKC for approval. Again, it depends on your problem.

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