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Medical Application

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Well-known member
Dec 31, 2005
I received my 1st class the other day(no issues) and last night when I went to file my copy the doc gives ya I noticed I forgot to answer a question....It was the question where they ask "Do you now have or have you ever had" and you check the yes or no box to about 20 items. I left one of them blank by mistake. It was the "admission to hospital" one. I have said yes to it on the last 2 medical applications and put "previously reported-no change" as the explanation and all was fine....
Anybody know if the FAA will void my medical or send me a letter asking me to finish the app??? My doctor apparently missed that I left out a question...I will call him Monday....but was just wondering if anyone has ever accidently left a question blank and what happened.....Honest mistake on my part....
Expect a letter to rectify the question in a few months. Don't lose sleep over it.

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