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Media out of control with "Breaking News"

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The public has a RIGHT to know!

I guess those vultures figure if they tape enough airplanes landing pretty soon they'll get lucky and get to see one crash.

Sort of like NASCAR.

FOX news has gotten really bad about it to.
Several times an hour you will hear that "bell" and then an announcement about a "FOX news alert"...The first few times I heard it, I expected to hear about some really world impacting event. Instead, it's just about anything.
The headline says it all with: 'Jet lands safely'

No. That is not news. But what is it? I don't know.

I know it is not educational or even informative just a network time waster (like Letterman used to do)
I used to direct news... It really is a shame that the newsies (anchors, reporters, producers) are pretty much forced into doing some of these "breaking news" stories. If you weren't on the story while it was happening, if something really bad (newsworthy) did happen and you weren't on it, you'd be in serious trouble and way behind already. So the industry looks at everything that COULD be newsworthy and runs with it. When I worked in TV, I can't count the number of times we'd cut out of something, run our little breaking news open and go with it. Good examples include an 18 wheeler turnover in the middle of nowhere with no hazmat on board or anything, an "emergency" aircraft 100 miles from here that "might" have to divert to our local airport. It's pretty rediculous, but in order to be ahead of the competition, it's a necessary evil.

Nick Faith
"If it bleeds, it leads"
And in a related story...

...A FedEx Caravan just landed with one operating engine.

The packages are O.K.

The pilot however has been detained by the TSA for what appears to be possesion of a mechanical pencil.
The Media is a business. Airline stories (bad ones) attract a lot of public interest which equals advertising dollars. It sucks but that's the way it is.

BTW, that A318 could've saved a lot of time by just landing overweight. Emergency authority allows it.
Let's talk about it

TWA Dude said:
BTW, that A318 could've saved a lot of time by just landing overweight. Emergency authority allows it.

Disclaimer: I did *not* watch the scintillating coverage or read any reports about this situation so I certainly don't have all the facts.

But the PIC is authorized to deviate from the FARs only to the *extent* necessary to cope with the emergency.

I'm not making any judgement of the crew whatsoever. I just think it's debateable whether or not an overweight landing would be better than burning off the fuel. Seems the biggest issue is that of pressurization and once below 10,000 that's no longer so critical.

What's the rush to land?

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