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Mechanic Pay Rates at Air Wisconsin

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Active member
Apr 29, 2002
I am aware of the starting rates ($15.90), but what are they beyond that?

Also Lead Mech rate, shift premium, etc.
I don't know what the premiums are, but I found this on www.airwis.com site:

$2,500 - $5,000
New Hire Bonus/Relocation Program
A&P mechanics, leads, inspectors, avionics hired between 9/1/05 and 6/30/06 for our new Philadelphia and Norfolk maintenance bases are eligible for our bonus/relocation program. The amount you are eligible for is dependent upon experience, with a minimum bonus of your choice of $2,500 in taxable wages or a relocation voucher.
To find out more, please attend one of the following recruitment sessions or apply by email to [email protected] http://www.airwis.com/ or fax: 920-749-7588
Amongst the regionals, Air Wisconsin mechanics are the best paid. Heck! they pay better then some major airlines. I don't know any specifics other then $15.90/hr starting and $24.84/hr top out, +$0.52 for 2nd or 3rd shift. Air Willy mechs are represented by the IAM with a 5 year pay scale. *info based from aircraftmechanic.org

I don't know anyone working for them now, but I do know one guy that used to work for them... (His base was shutdown and he elected not to transfer). Just like all regionals, nothing is for sure. They go wherever there mainline partners want.
Also, while the highest paid they just lost the bulk of their flying for UAL. Where will their next closure be?

Can I ask why the interest in Air Wisconsin? Just Job interest?
It'll Fly said:
Also, while the highest paid they just lost the bulk of their flying for UAL. Where will their next closure be?

Can I ask why the interest in Air Wisconsin? Just Job interest?


They have a base 20 min from my house.
When ATA shut down Chicago Express back in April, I interviewed with Air Wis for a spot in MKE. I don't remember exactly what they were offering but it was pretty good. Like $17/hour plus all the premiums, $1 for each liscense plus .90 3rd shift, put me right around 19 something to start with 3 years exp. The fact that they are union though was a big turnoff.

Now with everything going on with them I am glad I didn't get the job because I would have most certainly been laid off right away. Instead I went to Skyway just down the road where I make $16 /hr. Not too bad, but could always be more
Sbn340, you shoulda come to Shuttle. Hell, I think anybody from there started out making more money than I'm making and I've been here 3 years. Still have 5 SBN Chico MX guys working here (DOM, Supervisor, QA guys). Two headed down to Indy for CHQ/REP/SA (DOM, QA guy). :p

Okay, this was a bit OT, but our hangar used to be Air Willy before CHQ took it.
So what ever happened to Shuttle in FWA. Another Shuttle mech I chat with on the board said FWA was getting closed down. Did Shuttle CHQ/REP merge and shift everything to Indy?

I did interview with CHQ back in Feb. I was accepted almost immediatly as well as all the other Chico guys who went. The pay was pretty bad though. They offered me 13.50 start in Indy doing overnight hangar work or 17.00 in ORD working the line. Well anybody knows $17/hr in the ORD area just ain't gonna cut it unless you take on roomates. I make almost that much at Skyway,

I would have liked to stay with those guys as they were a great group, but FWA just wasn't calling my name
FWA Shuttle base is winding down as we speak. All Saab flying stopped last week and we're down to 4 acft for lease return. Should be done within the next couple weeks. Since I'm not going to CHQ I'll be out of a job by 31 Dec. Most of the mechanics are either already in IND or will be soon to work for CHQ until Shuttle gets their GMM accepted.

Your best bet would have been to work for Shuttle in FWA and then get transferred to CHQ. Shuttle was paying decent money for the Chico guys to work Saabs, and those guys got to keep the pay for CHQ and now work the jets. Of course the drive from SBN to FWA is pretty crappy. ;) Well, actually only one Chico mechanic (Mark) transferred to IND along with Lunchmiester (who can spell it...heh) as our DOM. Still hanging with Timmy!, Eric, and Rob in our hangar...good guys. Former Chico guys Kirby was released, Doc and Bob M moved on.

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