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MEA change on an airway.

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Wasatch CFI

Katana Conquistador
Feb 21, 2002
When flying on an airway, and confronted with an MEA change with no MCA specified, what type of climb gradiant is expected when climbing to the new MEA after crossing the fix?

SL through 5000' - 150'/nm
5000' through 10,000 - 120'/nm
Above 10,000 - 100'/nm

I don't have TERPS in front of me right now but, I'm pretty sure these are correct.

Where no MCA is given, the following climb gradients are assumed during a climb to a higher MEA:

SL through 5000 feet 150 ft/NM

5000 through 10,000 feet 120 ft/NM

10,000 feet and over 100 ft/NM

You can find the reference for this in FAA Order 8260.3B (United States Standard for Terminal Instrument Proceedures--TERPS), paragraph 1730.

If obstacle clearance intervenes with the above climb gradients at the MEA change, a MCA will be provided to assure clearance.

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