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ME Time

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New member
Apr 11, 2002
Will 30hrs ME PIC w/additional 20 dual ME benefit a prospective CFI as compared to 50hrs dual ME.

Currently 15 hrs into Comm w/ME course with 215TT. Question is should I go ahead with a private ME checkride just to log PIC for the remaining 30hours of ME time, then pay an additional $250 for a Comm checkride a few weeks later, or just be satisfied with 50 hrs dual since this is small percentage of the big picture.

Paid for 45 hrs Comm/ME training (insurance requirement for ME Solo PIC or CFIME)

Keep the money in the bank and take the 50 dual. Nobody is going to care whether you have 30 hrs of multi PIC. Look at the big picture, is 30 hrs really going to make a difference?
Also, here's how the checkride scenario breaks down. I know this because it happened to me.

If you take the private ME ride and pass, then you have to take two commercial rides, one in a single, the other in a multi.
However, if you wait until you have the commercial single ride and then take the ME ride, your commercial carries over to the ME.

Pretty easy math if you ask me.
Private MEL

At this point, it's probably not worth it. Although both rides are essentially identical, sh*t can happen and you can bust. I wouldn't risk it. I'd take the 50 dual and then take the Commercial Multi ride as suggested above.

I'd whistle a different tune about taking a Private Multi ride if you weren't as far along as you are. But that's water under the bridge.

Good luck with your practical(s).
The airlines like to see mulit time...But they really don't care if it was dual or solo...Just as long as it was PIC...

Airlines always have two pilots anyways, so they end up logging it as PIC, and NOT SOLO

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