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Mda J4j

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Aug 16, 2005
Mda J4J

Any truth to the rumor that Republic is expanding the J4J to 80 aircraft, which includes EMB-190's?

How does the RAH pilot group feel about this?

Will anything change from the original J4J? Will DOH be US, MDA, or RAH for seniority and pay?

Has US/MDA agreed to this? How does the AWA merger effect all this?

Someone with details please post.
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The vote to expand the J4J at RAH has been sent out for pilot ratification, and is expected to pass. It has my personal yes vote for a number of reasons. We took ZERO concessions. On the contrary we got the company to attach 4 LOU's,giving us some items we have been wanting for a while. i.e no more RON'ing, expedited arbitration, inter certificate movement and travel, buddy passes, etc. We didn't give a thing to expand it, in fact we got something for it, otherwise it would have been a resounding NO from the pilot group.

MDA J4J are given current MDA atlantic seniority for longevity, and pay, but will still be put on the bottom of the RAH seniority list. They do have a lawsuit pending, but unfortunately the Teamsters, IBT, RAH, and US Airways feel the grievance is without merit. The case will be heard in a few days. It is to be a 50/50 ratio. The company previously wanted it to be 100 % MDA, and allow J4J to fly under any code share. We turned this down, and MGMNT dropped the request.

That is all.
yes, there is a TA that is going out to be vote on by the pilot group.

The TA has provisions to increase the number of planes allowed under J4J to 80, including 25 EMB-190s.

As far as seniority integration... ALPA filled a lawsuit against USAirways. The argument is whether the 170 sale is a "change of control" or a "asset sale". RAH and Airways and viewing this as an asset sale, whereas ALPA is claiming it is a change of control. That matter is currently in arbitration scheduled for the end of the month. If it is ruled to be a asset sale, the planes will be transfered under J4J. If it is a "change of control" (unlikely to happen), the MDA pilots will be integrated by Allegheny-Mohawk (something like a DOH or ratio).

I believe under the current agreement MDA pilots who come over will keep their longevity for Captain pay. FO's will be paid at the highest FO pay ($35/hr I think).

The AWA merger still leaves some things unclear, but it seems the 170 sale is going through. The AWA pilots are working to keep the 190's at mainline, which would not be a bad thing (in my opinion).

The new J4J TA can be found at the public IBT website:
Have read on other message boards that AWA and AA MEC are in talks this week with management that may keep MAA at airways. AWA MEC clearly stated that any 190 flying be kept at mainline as it should. They are in discusions about competive pay rates ( thanks jetblue) for the e-jets. Also rumors flying around that if MAA is not sold that PSA or PDT may be on the auction block to AWAC.Should hear if any of this pans out by end of week.
funny, word on the street is that the deal is most likely off,
rep. probably can't get a cert until next year, and awa is not keen on the 170's going off the reservation

also hearing that mda may pick up awa's name and cert after the merger to become another wholly owned

like circling vultures
Republic began proving runs this morning and will be done on the 27th. Certificate in hand hopefully by the 29th/30th. Begin scheduled operations under USAirways Express on Sept. 4- it's the 5000 flight numbers. 3 USAirways painted birds on ramp in Brazil to be delivered on Sept. 1st.

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