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MD-80 Pilot's Climbto350 Falcon Air Miami

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Dec 5, 2004
The company asked it's recent class to sign a training contract. The contract had not been presented till they were just about done with ground school. They were supposed to be paid while in ground school and were NOT! They were told tough! All the Captains in the class have quit. The FAA is watching and just launched an investigation. The Chief Pilot and D.O. are two of the worst guys in the biz. This is the worst scumbag outfit in the USA. You will either be fired on a whim or violated by the FAA. It has happened twice to guys in the past year. You would have to be nuts to sign on with this outfit as it will end your career. Other guys on this forum/board know what I am saying. Please, for the sake of your career and sanity STAY AWAY from Falcon Air.

Please read additional posts in "Charter"
Thanks for the info. In these days, I know a lot of guys who would consider going over there. It really is a shame. I mean, is it that much trouble to consider trying to run an airline legitimately? I have always known of Falcon Air as a shady, scumbag, typical can-only-operate-out-of-Miami type operation, but somehow they always seem to be able to stay afloat and attract business.

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