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May 5 Hawker 1000 DFW & June 10 Indoc

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Comfortably Numb
Apr 24, 2002
Interviewed March 28 & 29. Assigned Hawker 1000 in DFW May 5. Anyone else going to be there and what can I expect? Indoc June 10 wondering if I should drive or fly. Is a car needed? What are the best deals on hotels. Former US Air.
Go MetroJet!!

I'm currently a 1000 Captain at EJA(Netjets) and was a MetroJet F/O....Good to see ya coming over....there are a lot of AAA guys/gals coming here.

I have a buddy on the 1000 for the May 5th class and can only assume he is in the same Indoc.

Send me an email [email protected] with your name and number and Ill call you and get you in touch with my buddy.

Are you my sim partner?

Those are my exact dates and aircraft also. I did Falcon 20 training at Simuflite in DFW also so I know the area. For Sim training EJA makes all the arrangements for travel and hotel and they provide a car for each pair to share while there.

For basic Indoc at CMH you are responsible for travel and accomadations. They will give you a list of hotels that give a discount to EJA folks or you can make your own arrangements. I'm rather cheap when it comes to spending my own $$ so I'll likely drive over to CMH myself (about 500 miles) and stay at Motel 6 for Indoc unless I can find a better deal.

Thanks for the info. I haven't been assigned a sim partner yet.

Any opinions on needing a car for indoc? Trying to decide whether or not to fly into CMH or drive.
Yeah, you're gonna need a car or ground transport. The training center is in a Kroger warehouse, rather low rent appearnce for such a great company but I'm sure the nice one is in the works down the road. Anyway, it's an industrial park a LONG ways from anywhere you might want to be.

Hotels in CMH

Just wanted to let people know that the word in CMH is that the Candlewood has lowered its rates for EJA pilots again. It is supposed to be $47.00 a night with the kitchen and everything. Great place to stay and not much more than the motel six. Another popular hotel is the La Quinta, a little further away from where you need to be, but they have a good AAA rate(I have heard). Be sure to tell them how long you plan to stay because a lot of hotels will give you a better price if you are staying for two weeks for indoc.

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