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May 29th Class Date for Chicago Express!

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
Just received my phone call today for this months class date. Was just wondering who else is in this class?

sounds like you two interviewed together... how many in your interview group? and what were thier times/backgrounds like? wondering if i should even bother applying with my time... 3500 TT 1400Jet 2200Multi. im not having any luck anywhere else.
also... whats first year FO pay? 2nd year?
well i interview on april 17, i dont know if KATBIRD did or not. i dont have the pay scale in front of me now but i think first year FO is around 1466-1500 a month. not sure on all of the details. hope this helps a little. hope this helps.
Hiya again...I interviewed Feb 13th...I was a lower time pilot hence the reason I was in the pool a bit longer...they wanted my time to get up there. :) First yr FO is $1466 (monthly guaran.)
WOW, how do I get a job making all that money? That's just insane for a first year or any year pay. I would be be embarrassed to offer somebody pay like that.
no one offered the job to you, and if they did dont take it if you think you deserve more. this is how the indutsry is. you pay your dues, and if you look around most first year FOs on turboprops make the same. just my 2 cents on your bogus comment..........
That's a bunch of crap about most pay on turbprops. Then how come PDT pays the high 20's to start. Then with per-diem they can make 30's the first year. They start at somewhere around $25 an hour. Than another raise after 6 months. To well over 25. So don't give me that crap of being "industry standard" more or less. It's because of people like you that take job offer that they are willing to pay proverty wages. It looks like you have really paid your dues with that kind of time.
hey guys-n-gals:

I am going to be in the May 29th class...I am coming from Texas...anyone have any ideas for a crashpad????
:) Kat
Antney, Katbird,
See you in class.
Antney, I interviewed with you April 17.
As for Dep 676, doesn't PDT pay the best? Not many other regionals come close. No one gets into this business for the initial pay. And Mesa is much worse. But the best regional, Skywest pays FO's the same as CE. Anyway, I agree with FlyChicaga, Quality of Life.

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