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Master's Degree?

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Aug 2, 2002
I've been wanting to enroll and work towards a master's degree. I was just wandering if the Majors recognize a degree that is obtained via internet or corespondence. I've heard that a few airlines don't recognize this option. Any information on what airlines recognize this and which ones don't would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

It would be very difficult to obtain an MBA the traditional way while flying at the Regionals.

When we see a pilot with a Masters or MBA on a resume we tend to stay away from them, the ones we have hired in the past seem to have aspirations beyond the cockpit and get bored with straight line flying which is why we hire pilots. I would not put an advanced degree on a resume for a straight flying job.
I think you may be missing the point a bit about getting a master's. You asked which major's recognize distance learning master's, a better question is which ones even care if you have a master's at all. Several applications I filled out didn't go higher than a four-year degree, there was no place to write it. I've heard a rumor that one major gives you a few bonus points for advanced degrees, but other than that I've never heard of an advanced degree helping anyone get a flying job.

That being said, I got a master's because it was something I wanted to do for myself and I'm glad I did it. In the 5 airline interviews I did last year I don't think it was ever mentioned though.

There are plenty of good reasons to get a master's, but advancing your flying career isn't one of them. PM me if you have any more specific questions.

Masters Degree

I did my Masters in Aviation Human Factors at ERAU and I have been turned down plenty.

I would not change a thing. Go for it!

BTW, I do think flying 4 hours at FL350 is boring and I would like to be in charge of a training department. This business needs more educated managers that know what their doing and that care.

Pay your fee... Get your B!
No disrepect to Little Duece whatsoever. I recomend you get your masters in something other than aviation. You know the story too well... layoffs and furloughs are not just aimed at pilots. Those in management get the axe too when times are tough. I went the law degree route but it's not for everyone. Pick an interest outside of aviation that interests you and go for it. Just my observations but an advanced degree does not guarentee a job inside or outside aviation. Experience and who you know counts way more than a paper in a frame on the wall. Remember to have a "Plan B" if you have a family. If you do they will stick with you many more years than aviation will. Just ask any age 60, 121 line Captain. It sure would be nice to have family around when they won't let you fly any more. Wish you the best.

Lots of guys from the military have master's degrees. I don't think its a positive or a negative. As long as you have the Bachelors, that box gets checked off.
Anyone that tells you to NOT go for the Masters is simply not educated enough to get the degree themselves.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a higher education.

Masters of Aeronautical Science, Aviation Safety, ERAU.....No aspirations of anything but flying the line.

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