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Master Degree Programs

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Active member
Mar 11, 2003
I am wanting to start working on a Masters Degree in aviation management. After doing a web search I came across many different program that could be done online. The problem is trying to find a program that is accredited and recognized throughout the industry. Any advice from those who have already blazed this trail would be appreciated.
I got both Bachelors and Masters at ERAU. The Masters was through their Distance learning while working as a corp pilot some years ago. The company paid for most of it. ERAU is fully credited and recognized. My opinion is you can't go wrong with ERAU. It wasn't easy and took me approx 3 years to complete.
I got my MBA in Aviation Management from ERAU back in 02'. I did it on campus though. There are several good programs out there, ERAU, Florida Institute of Technology, Daniel Webster, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Oklahoma State University, etc. I used to belong to a group called the University Aviation Association and they publishes a catalog once a year outlining the various Aviation programs around the country, including ones offering a Masters and a PHD. I would recomend it.

While I can't say that the MBA I earned has really benefitted me in my flying career, I did enjoy doing it (mostly, the Thesis was a pain) and it looks good hanging on my wall ;-)
I got my Bachelors and Masters from ERAU distance learning. Cant go wrong there but took me a while and get ready to whip out the check book.
I'm gonna start my Masters from ERAU here in Miami and Lauderdale.....cause I'm so damn bored these days. Have my BS from them and wouldn't go anywhere else unless I had no choice.

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