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Marine Corps Pilot slots??

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Well-known member
Jan 26, 2002
I am currently a pilot with 1000 hours and I am in college... I have 2 years left and I am 26 years old. How do I become a pilot in the Marines? I heard about some summer program for officer training..Can they give you a flight slot before you sign a contract? What is their need for pilots? Thanks
Marine Air

Wherever you're going to school, find the phone number for the USMC OSO. I believe it stands for Officer Selection Officer. He'll have all the gouge.
There's a couple of different options towards getting a commission and he/she can tell you about them.
Unless things have changed in the last ten years, you can get a Flight Contract that will send you to flight school, once you're completed with The Basic School. Have to pass a physical and a test. But, again, the OSO will have the most current info on that.

Hope this helps.


You are in the perfect position for the Platoon Leaders Course (PLC). Don't let the name put you off, this program is simply designed to recruit college juniors and seniors who are still looking for options. The local OSO is the person you want to work with, and push, push, push for a flight contract. Don't let him tell you that you can get flight orders after the basic school. You can do that, but now you're competing with other lieutenants when you could have been guaranteed from day one, and take a chance at becoming a Motor Transport Officer for five years. The Corps needs Motor T, but it might not be the best use of your abilities. Good luck, and Semper Fi.
Hey Phrog....I saw a couple H-46s over here at Maxwell....those helos are looking pretty beat up....but not bad considering the design is almost 50 years old. When's the V-22 ever going to come online?

Speaking about the PLC program...I heard some horror stories about guys not getting the guarantee, and winding up as Infantry Officers. Definitely get that guarantee! I have lots of respect for anyone who can daily carry a heavy rucksack...the Army is sorta like the Marines...we had to do field training, do the infantry thing, and carry an 80 pound ruck for a 17 mile road march. And after flight school, we had to do a 6 mile march in about an hour with a 60 pound ruck. Not quite the same as those huge rucks the infantry carries, but I don't think I'd like that job on a daily basis. Flying is much better.
Marine Corps Pilot Slot


I hope you realize that the Marines have a VERY limited number of fixed wing slots. As most of the Marine Aviatiors here call tell you, you are more likely to wind up in a helo. Your pior experience will help out trememdously if you can break the habits you have already formed, but as always...the needs of the Corps comes first!!!

Just to add on to some of the above info. I was a PLC dude, and the way it works is you are either PLC-Ground or PLC-Aviation. Do not accept a PLC-Ground slot with the mindset that you can compete at The Basic School for an aviation slot (my company had 3 slots out of 160 dudes).

Prior flight time will help out during primary, but I've also seen it hurt. Those who do not learn (or relearn) how to fly the Navy way will not get the platform they desire. Good luck,


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