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MAPD program

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Active member
Mar 11, 2002
If you are considering the MAPD program, don't you worry that MESA just might not be hiring when you complete the program. Then, you will be a low time pilot with no CFI ticket. I'm considering this program but this is a huge downfall to this program, I think. Any opinions, good or bad, would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Another concern is if you would be forced to fly for the new non-union carrier called Freedom which Mesa's CEO is trying to start. If you want to learn about that just go to the Mesa forum on Yahoo.


Depending on which side of the fence you are on that could be a career starter or ender.

I believe within 6-9 months all the remaining people on furlough will be flying again at Mesa.

- AZPilot

MAPD is a good program, but definitely with its caveats. I was an instructor there nine years ago and taught a few folks whom, I'm sure, are or have flown the line for Mesa.

I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a Mesa fan or Mesa promoter. Read some of my other posts. But, I try to be fair and give all sides.

Look at it in terms of what you get from a competitor, like Comair or FSI. I know FSI because I worked there before I worked at MAPD. You pay the initial (huge) cost for Commercial Multi-Instrument if you go to FSI. The CFI at FSI is extra. I don't know for sure about Comair, but you might get all your CFI ratings in its cost because they don't hire directly to the line as does Mesa but first as instructors. At MAPD you will get your Commercial-Multi-Instrument. Although you are thoroughly indoctrinated in Mesa line procedures, you can still shop your Commercial elsewhere, bearing in mind that the ten hours of 1900 time you get will mean little. You still would have to pay extra for your CFI, and at another school. Perhaps Four Corners Aviation on the FMN field, another Mesa subsidiary, sells CFIs.

Of course, promise of "the interview" is a major attraction of MAPD. And, the program indeed works, provided that you do everything that you're supposed to do. You have to be sure you make all your deadlines, which used to consist of a big chart in one of the rooms with people marking off their flights. You have to maintain a "B" average or better in all of your flight courses. Most importantly, you have to exhibit the right type of personality. You don't have to kiss a$$ but you absolutely don't want to pi$$ off anyone. I had one student who did exactly that. He exhibited a major 'tude. I complained to the Chief Instructor, who was fully aware of this goofball's antics from his previous instructors. This young man was allowed to finish the program but would not be permitted to interview with Mesa.

I don't think there's a real downfall to the program, as long you realize the cons. The long and short of it is you have to be trained somewhere. You get pretty good training at MAPD, an A.S. in Aero Science from San Juan J.C., which is an accredited school, and, if all goes well, the chance to interview at Mesa at 300 hours. And, if you're worried that it will be considered as doing you-know-what, you can't really consider MAPD to be P-F-T because no job offers are made when you enroll. Only the promise of maybe getting an interview when you finish.

I have no idea if succesful MAPD interviewees are placed in any kind of a pool. Non-union Freedom Air, as mentioned above, is a point worth pondering. I worked at Mesa before ALPA, and although I didn't work for the airline working for that company was abysmal.

Hope this helps. Private me if I can give more info. Good luck with your decision.
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