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Macbook Pro and Jeppview

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Living out of a suit case
Dec 5, 2002
Is there anyone out there that is using it? I am looking hard at making a change... I know that there are a couple of programs that make it all work together... but I would like to hear from someone that is currently using it.

Thanks in advance.

Nice avatar... nothing like hanging a heel (or two). Hyper and T-bone are correct. I haven't installed parallels on my mac, but I'm lazy and just use the ship's computer...
I have a regular macbook...

macbook+parallels+windows xp+jeppview=no problems

Fourthed. Just make sure you max out the RAM. Windows is pretty memory hungry and two gigs is really the bare minimum to run Parallels and MacOS at the same time. Four gigs works much better.
i also upgraded from 2 to 4 gigs of ram...easy to do. Parallels 4.0 seems to be much better than 3.0 as well.
Vista+Jeppview=FAIL. Use XP.

My former flight department was virulently anti-Mac and they've pretty much all switched to Mac+XP to use Jeppview.

Told 'em... ;)


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