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MAC Bases

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Are there any MAC bases in South America? (Just curious, my buddy spotted what looked like one of their airplanes in Brazil)

The run is based out of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and flies to Campinas, Brazil. Apply as they're looking for people to be based there permanently.

www.airt.net then look for MAC
They are indeed looking for pilots that will be based there. So far not to many have signed up though. No more perdiem, no more housing(hotel), and no more transportation to the US.
Also the $1,000.00 per month extra money they get for going there is gone when you are based there.
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I first had a talk with a check airman and he made me fly a vor approach and an ils on a desktop simulator. Then I talked with the chief pilot about MAC and what they do for FEDEX and what's expected from us.
A few questions about previous experience but not to much technical stuff. This is a few years ago so it may have changed. They just want to make sure that you know what's in store for you so don't quit in a few months because you don't like flying at night in shitty weather.
Plus Argentina is a bull$... country and you don't wann live there being an American.
Thrust me the only difference between Argentina and Iraq is the money.
you make a lot more in Iraq. hehehe

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