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Lynx Aviation

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Sep 2, 2005
What's the latest and greatest at Lynx Aviation. Any hiring in the near future? Heard that you have to know somebody in the pilot group to get an interview. I know that seems to be typical everywhere but is there any way around that. Also, APC only show 3 year pay scale for CA/FO. any update on top pay for the Q400 CA? I take it that people will be there for longer than three years.

Thanks. you can PM me if information cannot be posted on this forum
I'd be interested as well.

Bummer though that I don't know anyone there...
Upgrade for newhires getting more doubtful by the day. Options would have to be exercised to get the current flock of FOs into the left seat (11 current a/c, 9 more options, do the math) The current plan is to merge the RAH, Midwest, and Frontier seniority lists, no one has a clue what they're gonna do with Lynx (also part of the acquisition. Note that there are way more pilots than seats between the 4 groups.) Working on representation by the UTU, that vote should close very soon. Until a contract is signed, the pay is what Lynx says the pay is, and the current scale sucks. The airplane is neat. The uniform is ugly. The base is great. It always helps to know somebody. Apparently it helps greatly if you've been fired from at least one airline. Seriously. Also most newhires seem to br prior 121 these days.
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