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Luggage Straps

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Well-known member
Jun 3, 2002
I was wondering if anyone could tell me a place I could find a luggage strap. I need a luggage strap that will attach my flight case to my roller bag. I do have an attachment at the top of my roller bag. However, I do not have a travel pro roller bag and the only straps I have been able to find are for travel pros. Can any give me some good advice?

Look forward to hearing from you.
use a seat belt extention, or go to the pit of the airport and ask the rampers where they put the ones that brake off the luggage. They usually have a box of them.
go to any baggage claim office for any airline...chances are they'll have a huge box full of hundreds of them...take your bag and try on a few......
Um, forget Ebay, go with the free box o' straps. I may check it out myself... who says there's no such thing as a free lunch! (strap)!

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