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Lufthansa pilots now on strike!

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So what happens when Lufthansa pilots come out of this with a single seniority list for all Lufthansa subsidiaries?
If there are any Lufty pilots who troll on here...
Good luck and Hold The Line~

If there is a website we can go to, to send words of encouragement... please post!

EXACTLY!!!!!!! Get those GOP boys out of the senate.

And who was president when American tried to strike and had a PEB issued? Which party has been in control of congress starting with the 110th? Which president initiated de-regulation of our industry?

To think that EITHER party has pilot's best interests near and dear to their hearts is foolish.
APA is not a part of AFLCIO...that's why Clinton invoked the PEB. One of the first things Bush did was say that there would be NO airline strikes during his Presidency. He soon thereafter didn't allow the NWA mechanics to strike.

Your right that BOTH parties suck!!!...but in my opinion, the Dems are definitely more labor friendly.

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