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Lufthansa 747 CBT on a Mac? Need a Mac expert here...

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As good as it gets.
Feb 20, 2005
I got my hands on some Lufthansa CBT disks; they're all in the .tbk format, with associated .wav files for sound.

It runs fine when I Boot Camp up the Windows XP, but it won't run on Snow Leopard. Switching operating systems isn't a big deal, but it's kind of a hassle.

Anyone here know how to read these files using OSX so I don't have to switch systems? Any programs out there?

I did a Google search and came out with nothing.

To my limited knowledge, you and I are SOL when it comes to these little intricacies.(IBM-mac)
There is NO way to make this happen on a mac unless you use Boot Camp or run the parallel software. (www.parallels.com/products/desktop). I'm a Boot Camp user but I kind of like parallel 'cause of the turning off/on thing.
Good luck and enjoy the DLH CBT.
Thanks for the responses. I figured the only way to run the CBT was through windows.

As for Parallels vs Boot Camp, it totally depends what you're doing with the computer. I was using parallels just fine, until I tried running Microsoft Flight Sim. It kept crashing, due mostly to the graphics card on my 1st gen MacBook being the low-end integrated type.

Once I ran FSX off of Boot Camp, it ran fairly well.

So if you're running graphic intensive software, such as FSX or other games, Boot Camp is the way to go. Otherwise, I agree; parallels is easier.

I AM curious how the latest 13" MacBook with 8 gigs of RAM would handle FSX through Parallels however. Been thinking of upgrading anyway...

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