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LR-JET / HS-125 (700/800), BE-20 Jobs

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Well-known member
May 13, 2002
A friend of mine asked if I knew anyone who might be interested in a FAR 91/135 position with a new company.

Since all my corporate friends are employed, I thought this might be an avenue to search of interested pilots.

The ideal applicant will have a LR-JET, HS-125 type rating and at least 250 PIC on both (or either) aircraft. Previous Check Airman authorization in either aircraft is a bonus.

FOs should have at least 150 hours in type and an ATP.

Given the current market of available talent, the company prefers current and qualified under FAR-135.

I'm still getting the pay numbers together as I write this ... but here's what I know as of this writing.

Base : KILG

3 - 6 months probation at the daily rate :

LR-JET : $350 per day + PerDiem (Captain)
HS-125 : $475 per day + PerDiem (Captain)
BE-200 : $175 per day + PerDiem (Captain)

FO Pay:

LR-JET : $175.00 per day + PerDiem (FO)
HS-125: $250.00 per day + PerDiem (FO)
BE-200: $125.00 per day + PerDiem (FO)

If a full-time position is offered the salary works out to roughly:

LR-JET : 60K (Captain)
HS-125: 78K (Captain)
BE-20: 40K (Captain)

LR-JET : 35K (FO)
HS-125: 40K (FO)
BE-20: 25K (FO)


If this interests anyone, send a resume (email) to

[email protected].

I will call those I'm interested in and conduct a short 20 minute interview. I'll be asking some basic system questions (I don't know a thing about the HS-125 other than the main landing gear is croocked and it burns JET-A), 135 OPS SPECs and some FAR-AIM questions. Nothing heavy; they are designed to give me an idea of your experience.

The next step, if I pass your name on, is to speak with someone currently working with the company. You will be scheduled for an interview, probably in ILG.

I think PSL means the wheels are offset on each truck not that the airplane has crooked landing gear.

If you were to chock it the chocks would point slightly towards the tail not towards each other

If anyone knows why let me know. I forgot to ask last time I was at Simuflite and no one I have flown with knows

Sounds like a good job
You are correct ... the 'humor' was intended to make a veiled reference to the aircraft being British ... for those of you who have owned British automobiles; you know exactly what I'm making reference to ...

I was told the main gear trucks are offset to permit retraction given the constraints of the 'belly' fuel tank. If my information is incorrect, set me straight.

Wilmington, DE... Home of some of the most grueling commuting traffic in the Universe....:)

But.... No sales tax though...:D

Also, some of the longest stoplights known to Man.......
Have you driven in L.A.?

Pardon me, have you parked on an L.A. freeway lately?

Jedi Nein
one who enjoys LMAO @ 1500-2000' above the traffic jams.
We go to school at the ILG FSI, go to LA quite frequently too.

You have a point, but at least when I go to LA I'm mentally prepared for it. I don't know... Just seems like the ILG area is such an ordeal to go such short distances, if yo miss a green light there, your screwed...

The Hawker inboard gear is staggered 2" behind the outboard. That's to ensure proper fitting in the wheel well.

One problem that can occur is on a really smooth greaser of a landing, the landing gear can actually reach its natural harmonic and vibrate like crazy. Like that bridge that resonated and waved and eventually broke apart.

Anyway, from what I understand, its just an annoyance and not a danger to anyone.

You may want to go to FlightSafety at ILG for pilots. There are several 700/800 instructors who fly on the side. I wished I lived up in DE, as I am actually typed in Lears and Hawkers, but oh well.

Good luck on your search.

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