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Lr 35 Payscale

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Dec 13, 2004
Two year contract is up in a couple of months and wondering what would be appropriate to ask for in renegotiatons. Type rated with about 1000 hrs in type. Fly on average 20 days a month on call. Also clean the airplane on days off. No paid vacation or retirement. Based in the northeast. Wouldn't mind staying at this job but the incentive is not there for this poor quality of life. Thinking that better pay and bennies would help ease the pain. Thank in advance.
sounds like you work for one of my old companies called Chantilly Air. If you dont stay away from that place. Horrible pay, no schedule and no benefits. As far as pay i would be looking for at least 50,000 a year espically if you have been there for 2 years already.
50 sounds kind of low. I'm making 39 as a first year FO. However, If I where you, I'd take 50 if the employer added benefits. With your time, you will easily get another job if they turn you down. Hell, you might even think about going contract. I don't know what your area is like, but in some regions contract pilots make very good money.

Of couse that is all just my opinion, you might consider getting the MBNA numbers.
believe me i have already taken another job as a 60 captain. and i do some contract work on the side to, it is very good money.
With the work you are putting in 70,000 plus benefits period. Theres lots of work out there, look toward corporate flight depts with your time.
Why would you think it is a joke? I appreciate the intelligent replies from everyone except from planestupid (nice name). I really do not think my employer will go for anything higher than fifty because he knows that he can just higher someone off the street and start them out at 25K. Name of the game. I can't say that I am too dissapointed that i might be forced out of the 135 biz. Time to start looking for that coorporate gig.

Just met someone yesterday that flies a citation for $17 an hour on charter. Accepting this kind of pay is what makes it hard for us to get deserved salaries. Sucks.
Here is why everyone hates S. Fl. I used to fly a 35 part 135, 800 hours a year, evey flight was international, 6 hard days off a month, starting pay $25K a year. The company two hangars down has forigners pay them $10K to sit right seat for 100 hours, and a third company flying 35's out of S. Fl pays $20 a flight hour.

Who ever said it was right, most scumbag operators won't pay more then $50k a year, b/c they can higher some low time pilot off the street for next to nothing. Oh yeah, I forgot about Florida Jet, flying 55's pay is $18K a year, and you are in the hangar everyday cleaning. One of these days they are going to get caught for not giving there FO's the 13 days off per quater.
Go fly for Silverhawk in LNK for $12.00 an hour, pay for your own cell phone that they call you on all the time, have the d.o. look over all your food expences to see if "that much money ($3.00) can be justified on a simple meal", pay for your own rental car when they stick you at an airport "waiting" for a return trip for 2 days, be on call for Starcare if your not flying that day, and read all the great posts about them on the 135 forum. Now there's a hell of a deal if you want a great job.

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