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LR-31A Raisbeck locker

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"Private Jet" driver
Feb 3, 2005
any suggerstions on suticases that fit in the Lear 31 Raisbeck locker?

oops suggestions
Something soft, and relatively flat. I don't think most roller bags would work.

Hanging bags or suit bags work very well.
... or pack your clothes in a golf bag.... that's about all i've found that will fit very well... that and the tail stand.
I don't think any roller bag short of a the Fisher-Price model will fit. We always used the tail locker to stuff everything else back there and put the roller bags in the cavernous area behind the divan.
Those things are the perfect shape for guns, fishing rods, and skis, right? I would never put fiberglass fishing rods, or laminated composite skis in an unpressurized, unheated compartment on an aircraft. After about a half dozen trips, you will find yourself buying new equipment to replace the skis and rods that are now falling apart. I saw a guy who did, but it was his personal airplane anyway so I'm sure that he wasn't bothered by the cost, just the inconvienience.

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