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Low time pilot training AvCAreer.TV

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Nov 27, 2001
Wednesday at 2pm, AvCAreer.TV will be discussing low time pilot training programs and concepts with Mitch Mitchelson from TabExpress International . Call with your questions or email [email protected].

Correct me if I'm wrong, but according to their web site, this is strictly a pay for training outfit looking for your money when we all know the chance of getting hired by a regional right now is almost slim to none. They train you to basically pass the ground school and pass IOE. Anybody who gets hired by a regional in my opinion has enough brains to get through ground school and pass IOE or they wouldn't be there in the first place. Their only airline affiliation is with Eagle and we all know the job prospects at eagle right now. Other than that, no other airline affiliations right now so basically that adds up to no job offers when you're done spending X amount of $$$. Sign me up, I'll be on the next plane to Florida.
Your point

This is a discussion of training for low time pilots including basic ratings and time. It is not an airline nor does it claim to be,,,,

Mitch has a wealth of information about this subject and has as they say done it all/

We are discussing training approaches.
Mitch is a great sales man. If anyone out there needs students in their flight schools, he is the man to get the job done. He is the reason alone that ATA had students coming in hurds, laying down 60k for flight training programs. Nothing against the guy, I was really impressed with his sales picth and communication skills.
Con artists if you ask me...

The fact that they are not, or don't claim to be an airline makes it worse in my opinion! On their web site, they are telling you "come to our school, we will train you to pass IOE ant any airline!" What concerns me is that this is just a school that stands alone without any airline affiliation at all, (eagle doesn't count since they won't hire again until whenever) so when your money is gone, it's gone. And what do you have to show for it when you're done? Assurance that you will pass IOE at "X" airline?? If they trained for a type rating or something that you can walk away with on your certificate, that’s different. But specified IOE training? Give me a break. Last time I checked, the airline trained you to pass IOE since they didn't want to invest so much time and money into you just to fail you, kick you out and bring the next guy in so they can spend another 15K on sim time. And to top it all off, at some places you actually GET PAID while in training!! Imagine that!
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