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Low-Fare Airline

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AM Aviation
Dec 5, 2001
If you were to start a brand new low-fare airline, what would you do to insure its success?
Have Herb Kelleher run it
Low fare airline

I would go with all of the above. I havn't checked the numbers but I have always thought and RJ would do well non-stop small airports med to long haul. But it is still hard to beat the 737-700/800 for LF(with 189 seats) vs. operationg cost. If Bill Gates were funding it that wouldn't be a problem.
Fly Green Tail DC-9's up and down the east coast. Be nice to your customers.
Do exactly what jetBlue has done: give people a quality product with a friendly attitude at a reasonable price. I would same the same thing about Southwest.
I you were to pay them what Delta pays you too could have hundreds of unemployed pilots and lose millions of dollars.

So give them stock options and profit sharing plans so they become owners and productive members of the organization working to better the company. Then they will reap the rewards and perhaps become millionaires and not just an employee to punch a clock, put in their time and collect a paycheck.
Paul Allen (2nd in command at Microsoft) has his own airline...basically. his hangar in Seattle has 2 757's, three challengers, I think a global express, 3-4 different lears, a sweeeeeet twin otter on floats and various helicopters. Plus, rumor is that he's going to take one of the deffered American 777's for the Seahawks and Trailblazers team plane. I met one of his 75 pilots who told me that Paul likes to take the 75 to LA with just his mom to go shopping....tough life!~!!

I guess I shouldn't have picked on the geeks so much in high school.

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