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Lots of options, where's the spellcheck?

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Its just a vintage VW
Nov 25, 2001
The more and more I look around in the new format, it is really neat. Since some of us on here can't spell sometimes, including me, I was wondering if there is a spell check and I'm just not seeing it.

Good job!

I personally use a little book called a dictionary. I find it helps me remember word spellings better than if I had used the spell check feature. Give it a try!
OK, here is the same question I asked my sixth grade teacher tweny eight years ago. If I don't know how to spell it, how can I look it up?
Spell checker: Why not use the spell checker that's already on your computer? You've got some sort of word processor or email that has one, don't you?

Using the Dictionary: If you know the first two or three letters of the word, what's the problem?

There are also online dictionaries, some of which make guesses based on phonetics of what you type in.

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