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lost com

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desert pilot

Well-known member
May 29, 2002
lost electric,com txponder etc.,c-150 class d underlying class b hazy day busy sunday morning,whats the best way back into the towered airport?500 over the pattern seems not safe and the controllers dont like to use the light gun signals....
Watch other traffic and enter the pattern. Then it is ATC's turn. If they don't like to use light gun signals they can take it up with the FSDO. If they know their stuff they will tell you what they want you to do.

There is a procedure prescribed in the AIM.

It says you rock your wings, all that other mumbo jumbo.

Read it and follow it.

They don't like to use the light gun. Thats hilarious. If a pilot is coming in to land lost com, thats all they've got to communicate to him so they're going to use it and they're gonna like it!

The light gun at John Wayne airport even has the chart of what everything means on the side of it. How much more difficult does it get for the controller?
Lost Comm Class D

C 152, KUGN
Took off RWY 32.
Lost comm at UGN after turning crosswind, turned downwind.
Couple of planes in the pattern.
Learjet on 3-5 NM final for crossing rwy 23.
continued downwind, abeam the tower got a steady green light.
turned base, final.
saw other traffic extending upwinds and downwinds.
tower made Lear go-around.
landed RWY 32.

on taxiway radio decided to come back to life
(love them cessna 300 series radios ;-)
taxied back to the ramp

morale: tower will give you green light to land very quickly since they want you out of their pattern where you can "muck things up" for them...


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