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Looking to start a ground school but need some help.

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Well-known member
Jun 22, 2004
Hi all,

I used to flight instruct full time a few years back and fly full time however I would like to ease back into aviation but only teaching ground school. (many reasons for this libity etc) Sitting back and doing the math it seems like it is more profitable to get 5-10 people together and do a 6 week ground school. (then flight instructing)

I was thinking of charging for a private $200 plus materials. I was also thinking of using either Jepp or Rod's book but NOT CPC because not everyone will be flying a Cessna or at a school that uses CPC. I was planning on NOT doing the classes at an airport or in conjunction with a flight school but rather getting a place locally that will let me borrow a space for a couple hours a week for a fee. (this is because all the flight schools in this area are greedy and will not let you free lance)

Should I be charging more? I was planning on recruiting students through on-line first but I would like to hear some other ideas? My main questions are in Florida what do I have to do legally? Do I need a business license? Do I need to incorporate?

We charge $225 for a 13 weeks of groundschool, 3 hours of class time a week. The Jepps kit costs ~$300 and contains 99% of what you need (including stage check tests).

I will warn you, trying to find 5 people who can make the same class time day in and day out will be a pain. That is our hardest part of the groundschool because the company loses money doing the groundschool if we don't have 5.
Plus the Hindi language classes for the instructors. How else would you communicate with students these days
I have offered these ground schools as well, and I used a local technical college/junior college. They allowed me to use a class room at no charge, and we had about 40 people sign up with close to 30 coming on a regular basis. Times were a little better then so it may depend on where you are. I did Private and Instrument ground training. Good luck.

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