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Looking for turbine manual

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Dec 28, 2001
I have never flown turbines and I may have a chance to fly a Caravan. I want to know if there is a manual/book that explains the basics of turbines. I saw one book by Keshner (I believe) but I want to know if any of you have use other books that you liked.
Thanks for the info.
The Turbine Pilots Flight Manual by Gregory N. Brown and Mark J. Holt. Available at Borders, Barnes and Noble, or any aviation books store.
Yup. Two of my favorites are "Handling the big jets," by D.P. Davies and "Jet Engines," by Klaus Hunecke. Some people like the Turbine Pilots Flight Manual, by Brown, but I found it to be less than helpful. It was way to basic, and most of what I found there was allready pretty common knowledge. Honestly, turbine engines are pretty easy to handle, and the fact that they are difficult is just a myth. The company you will be working for will teach you, and that will be far more helpful than any book you may purchase. PT-6's are not difficult, and neither is the Carvan. The most difficult thing about larger turbine aircraft is their systems, and that's not a problem with the Caravan.

Good luck to you.
Turbine Pilot's Manual

I'll second it. I just bought a copy and have leafed through it. I'm looking forward to reading the book in depth. Well-written, great diagrams, and plenty of great information. Especially the chapters about what to expect during the airline training process. Even a few brief but valuable comments about unions. I recommend the book.

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