Looking for some info on corp. jobs in the MSP area???


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Feb 10, 2004
Looking for basic info on some of the Corp outfits around the MSP area. Target, Best Buy, Cargill, 3M...I can't think of any others. I've got around 3000 PIC, over a thousand ME 135, and about 400 121 turbine sic, which is my current job. I'm thinking of throwing my suit on and hitting the Flt Ops of some of the above companies. I understand it may take some time and networking, I just don't really know where to start. Does anyone have some advice on anything else I could do, or if the "unannounced visit" is not a good idea? Any info would be greatly appreciated, feel free to PM me. Thanks

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Jan 21, 2002
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IMHO - no better place to start than a phone call and a faxed resume. (I am assuming you have no inside contacts)

Downplay the 121 SIC time (fairly useless, no offense) Play up your 135 - especially if its pax / charter ops. Really hit up the charter guys, you need some PIC jet time - a type or two always helps with the better corp gigs.

You have a degree? many better outfits require (or very much like) education.

I personally would avoid the "drop bys". This is controversial and I personally see nothin wrong with it....but many places very much frown on it these days...

I have gotten to meet chief pilots by finally speaking to them and saying "I know you are busy, but is there a day I can stop by and say Hi?"...then they can match a resume to a face and make that critical "can I spend a week in India with this guy" judgement.

everyone started somewhere, its just that many forget this once they are the King.

Good Luck.