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Looking for regionals job !

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Regional hiring

If I were you I wouldn't bother trying to figure out who's hiring and who's not. It's not worth the brain damage. I'd get a list of all the regionals, fire off resumes and cover letters to all of them, and update periodically. I'd also find out where my friends are working and get them to walk in resumes and their LORs to HR. The more you send the better your chances. Your resume just may fall into the right hands. Regional airline hiring is very much a crap shoot; you need luck and opportunity to go with your quals and skills.

Lots of luck to you.

In your valued opinion, would that be wise to shoot stuff off without doing some research first. Guys might be thrilled to grab the first job they get only to find out later that they should have waited for a better one that called after you already started groundschool?

Im sure jobs are getting hard to get, but things seem to be rebounding.

I would certainly figuare out which ones would work better for you, (ex. location, pay, commute, growth etc etc) then send off the resumes.

Just my 2 cents. If I'm wrong, tell me to shut-up and I'll go away. LOL
Re: Regional hiring

I disagree. If you don't know who is hiring and who isn't, you're not putting enough work into your job search. Don't waste time on places that aren't hiring. There are only a couple airlines hiring right now, you'll want to focus your attention to those.
Job search

You always run the risk of interviewing, getting a class date, and and someone else calling. That's true in any business. I remember one person who had a class date and left because the commuter of his dreams called.

Of course, you want to focus on the company you like best, but you don't want to put all your eggs in one basket. It's always nice to have choices. Once again, your odds improve with the more resumes sent out.

I lost count of the tons of stuff I sent out during my seven year commuter job search. Six interviews were the result. I would have been excited beyond anyone's belief if just one would have called with a class date.

Anyway, just my two cents born out of experience.
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I'll answer the question

Try Piedmont, they are doing a couple classes in the up coming months,

Allegheny is also, I do not have any specifics on them but I think they are hiring as well.

For what its worth I believe Airtran is also hiring, I know a couple of guys who just recently got a class date.

Good luck,
Comair needs pilots really bad. I heard from someone in training that we are really behind on hiring for our future needs. We are purchasing new aircraft, and with some of the new rules that take affect this summer in our contract, they are going to need a bunch of pilots. Hope this helps you.

just curios, if comair needs pilots so bad, why did they recently raise their mins to 1200/200? what is the starting and 2nd year pay at comair? how bout 3rd year and benies?

Good point

I think bobbysamd makes a good point,,,,, what is the worse thing that can happen-- you are offered a job and turn it down.

The amount of information that is out here today, easily obtainable compared to the past, is amazing. Yesterday on AvCareer.tv, Steve Farrow, VP Operations for Piedmont was on and talked for 30 miinutes on Piedmont. He took calls from two applicants and said he would follow up on their situations.

While many point out networking or this or that, the fact is that you ought to use all the things available to you to present yourself at as many places as possible where there might be a fit.

While I am associated with an AEPS company, I actually pay for a membership because I want to use the system. I advocate that you have your own background check done so you can see it.

We try and publish a magazine that helps you. We archive it on line so you can search for previous stuff on line. We put on this streaming media TV deal so you can talk to recruiters. It also lets you know that we talk to them ourselves. These people use our systems.

In short, you need to use as many tools as you can to be public with your search. What is the worse that can happen, you get an offer you do not want?

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