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Looking for Professional CFI's

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How can they offer 1200 hours of flight time, without instructing, for 39 thousand dollars....what's the catch?
maybe i'm blind but i don't see a list of companies with which these people are affiliated...

but, i'd have to question any company that would hire someone w/ 1200 TT, no CFI, and no 135 time.

sounds like a PFT scheme to me; so just 39k and I get to be a right seat passenger... guess Im just too cynical
I don't think the Webmaster allows ad's here.
I'm skeptical, too . . . .

Dunno if this is a good gig for CFIs, which is the point of the post.

The comparison section is somewhat deceptive. FlightSafety isn't really an 18-month program. You can earn all of your ratings all the way through MEI in, perhaps, eight to ten months. Then, with about maybe 250-350 hours and maybe 60 of multi, you can strike out on your own, or, more wisely, work at FSI and build time. You can build up time to 1200 hours in the eight months remaining per the comparison.

I appreciate Boscenter's comment about hiring at 1200 with no CFI and no 135. However, Mesa hires its MAPD grads at 300 hours. Of course, a good difference is that MAPD students are monitored very closely during their training, so Mesa knows what's coming out of the pipeline. Moreover, these students are fully-immersed in Mesa's procedures during their ab initio training, which they paid for, and don't need a whole lot more initial training after they're hired.

Indeed, does the webmaster allow this sort of solicitation?
I sent a note to the webmaster.

Sad that comapnies like this still thrive in this industry. They say on the main page they don't guarantee a job, yet on the comparasion link, they say they do.

So which is it?

Another scam that someone will buy into.
Yep, I'd agree with bobbysamd in that there are always exceptions to the rule. The MESA program you mention is probably one of them.

But regardless, I really think that being a CFI is an important part of starting an aviation career. I think the CRM and communication skills learned while being a CFI are invaluable to a new aviator and most prepares one for a good start at a regional.

Also, you really learn a lot! Students always have a hell of a lot of questions, and either you know it, or you go and look it up. There really is no better way to learn a subject than to teach it.

I see all these programs that try to bypass the CFI stage, and it's really disappointing in my opinion. Yeah, CFI's don't make jack, and it's a lot of work, but I think the experience is well worth the trouble.

My four cents. :D
CFI experience

I agree with Boscenter. I don't understand why so many people denigrate being flight instruction. It's unbelievable how much you learn as a CFI, especially when your students come to you with questions and you have to look up the answers. Sometimes your students teach you more than you learned before you had students.

Yeah, I realize that as an instructor your hands aren't on the stick, which is the fun part of flying. I also realize that some people feel that not having your hands on the controls can make you rusty. But, you can get the rust off in short order if you practice a little.

The knowledge has its dividends. I had to take a written when I interviewed at American Eagle years ago. It was cake, because it was primarily commercial pilot knowledge, which you teach as a CFI. The only thing I recall seeing that was new was an ATR-42 performance chart. It worked on the same principle as the performance chart on the Commercial written. I figured it out with no problem.

Don't sell flight instruction short. It's also been known to get people hired at regionals through the back door, through the training department. And, beware of scams!

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