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Looking for pilots to share time

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May 6, 2002
I decided to start flying again after 7 years away. I'm now working for a very large hi-tec company in the Bay Area and, finally, have money to spend on flight training:)

I would like to split/share flight time and costs with others to build TT, (as a safety pilot of course). Does anyone know of a web site or resource where pilots can post requests such as this or meet others looking for similar interests?

The only site I found it:
I would go to your local FBO's and ask around or check the bulletin boards. Seems like there is always a group of CFI's or others looking to split/build time.

Check you local paper too. I have seen a few people advertise in the airplane classified in the Dallas Morning News for cost spliting needs. I would check your local paper if you live in or around a larger city.

Congrats on getting back in the air.....I have only flown once in the last 6 months and its killing me. Hope it doesn't end up being 7 years!

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