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Looking for McDonald's pilot

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New member
Jan 7, 2002
Anyone out there work for now or in the past for McDonald's? Yes, as in Ronald. Any info about the flight office there or the interview process would be great. Thanks
NO. But I might have to flip burgers since I lost my job.
Find that guide and it should have them in it.
I heard they are still looking for a guy. Anyone know anything about this? Anyone have any first hand info about this corporate flight department. All I know is that they have 2 G4's.
I'd imagine that the jobs are all full this all took place late in January. Acually McDonalds only has one G4..they sold their old one to an investment firm.
I was just in DPA the other day and watched McDonalds recover TWO GIV's... Then, place them in their hangar... Looked to me like they were operating two. Unless the other is operated by someone else out of their hangar... Who knows?? My two cents...
The second GIV is operated by McDonalds pilots under a mgt. deal for the company who now owns the aircraft. I was told they have a 2yr. deal on that.

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