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Looking for Life Insurance..

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Active member
Mar 2, 2005
Any help in finding an A+ life insurance company would be greatly appreciated. I have not found anyone offering Term Life Insurance for those of us who fly to the Middle East. At least not for less than 2500+ dollars a year. If any of you have term life, and fly to the above areas. Please let me know the name of your insurer, and the approximate rate. Any help is much appreciated, as I have all but given up.
I am in with Chase(Bank one) 750 coverage for about 1000 a year. Also let them know that I "ocassionally" fly to the mideast.
Thanks.. I have found a company through the internet called US Financial..also known as Money Mutual of New York. They are an A+ rating.. although I understand that is not of utmost importance. My understanding is that the insurance industry backs insurance company's should they go belly up. So, a company with a B+ rating is not really a big deal. Anyhow, I recieved a quote of 500,000 dollars for a ten year term for $40.05 pr. month, or 480.60 a year. The policy has no restrictions as to where I would fly. You only need be an instrument rated pilot to qualify. So, I'll probably be filling out the paper work in the days to come. For those wondering.. the 500,000 dollars is not taxed until you exceed the 600,000 dollar mark. And that's good to know for planning purposes. ;)

$1100/year for 20 year term, $1 mill on me and $250G on my wife, plus ADD on both. I shopped around a while and that's the best I found. When we fight, I don't sleep well anymore.


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