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Looking for info on corp flight dept

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Where would you go to find information on a companies flight department? I'm interested in number and type of aircraft as well as requirements to apply and other gouge. Are there internet sites that have this information?

I greatly appreciate any help you can offer!
If you can get your hands on an NBAA Directory that will give you fleet and contact info.... I doubt that hiring requirements are printed anywhere... they will vary greatly from company to company...

With your time I would target operators with Turbo-props and light jets (Citations, Lears, etc...) These operators will more likely have lower hiring minimums than the large international operators...

Good luck....

Falcon Capt.
try www.guides.com. It is not as good as the NBAA book but it is free and available now. This is only for charter not corp. but, get some time in a King Air or Citation, meet some new people, hang out with a different crowd...................make connections.

Thanks for the advice fellas. I'm going to be upgrading to the King Air next week with my company where i'll be able to log PIC time and possibly move into our Citations by the end of this year. I plan on building some more quality time here before applying to some corporate flight departments, I just wanted to get a jump on some information for a few companies I may be interestied in.

By the way... how would one go about getting ones hands on an NBAA Directory if you were not a member?


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