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Looking for Flying Job in PIT Area

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New member
May 19, 2002
Need to find job in PIT area. I'm currently working for a 135 op in the Nashville area. My wife got offered a position with her company that requires that she relocates to pittsburgh. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Check out Allegheny County Airport also. A lot of corporate and Part 135 action out there.
Corporate Air at AGC as well as Corporate Jets... They are the main operators.

The pay for the two is fair and they do fly often. The hard part is getting on...

There are some operators out of AFJ as well, mostly props though. King Airs and Chieftans as well as an aeromedical outfit.

Zelinople has a 1 or 2 king air operators who do a decent amount of flying.

Prospect at BVI... All I will say here... meet the people, they have a few "oddities" in regards to attire, pay, schedules that may not be for everyone.

PIT area can be challenging to get a job, especially with many "U" people on the street still....
Finally, some corporate (Heinz, Mellon Bank, and so on) but I could not tell you what they would look for and IF they are even looking...
Pit Jobs

Thanks alot Everyone I will try the Places you have mentioned. I'm currently working in Nashville with a 135 operator but my wife got a promotion that requires that she relocates to Pit. I've got a couple of things brewing over there now. If you hear of anything else post it. Thanks once again.
If you are looking towards 121

Mesa should begin hiring soon, perhaps as soon as august or september. PIT is a fairly junior domicile for the 1900 guys and you should be able to hold it right away as a FO in the Beech.
Try LJ Aviation out of Latrobe, PA. There was a good write up on them in Pro-Pilot magazine a few months ago. I think it's within an hour of PIT and that was the required time to be at the airport if they called you. It said a lot of there pilots lived in PIT. Sounded like a descent place. They have a web-site. I don't remember what it was. I am sure if you do a search on it you will find it.

Good Luck
Prospect at BVI

you know those bathtub no slip stickers? I strongly suggest that if you get on there, you go out and buy yourself a package of those. Before winter comes anyways.

OH yeah, don't forget your horse either.

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